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Visitation Enforcement Application (SPP)


  1. 1. Application Begin
  2. 2. Information about Parties
  3. 3. Children(s) & Visits Information
  4. 4. Denied Visit Information
  5. 5. Important Information
  6. 6. Acknowledgement
  • Application Begin

    1. Visitation Enforcement Application

    2. Visitation Intervention and Enforcement Services
      The OAG has a contract with the Bexar County Domestic Relations Office (DRO) to provide child support customers FREE conflict resolution services, co-parenting classes, and legal enforcement services to low-income parents with Bexar County final orders. The Domestic Relations Office does not represent the applicant or the respondent, it represents the INTEREST OF THE COURT.

      The DRO reserves the right to accept or deny the enforcement of any case. Every reasonable effort will be made to resolve the parenting time dispute without court action. The DRO reserves the right to make the ultimate determination as to the filing of litigation to enforce access and possession orders.
    3. To apply for services, the following eligibility requirements must be met:
      • The Non-custodial parent (NCP)  / visiting parent is the applicant.
      •  The NCP resides in Bexar County or a surrounding county.
      • Custodial Parent (CP) / Home Parent and child(ren) reside in Bexar County.
      • The NCP has been denied visits at least three times in the last 60 days.
      • No current/active protective order or no contact order between the NCP and the CP.
      • No open CPS cases.
      • The NCP must have no pending court cases.
      • The NCP must be unable to afford an attorney.
      • The NCP must be willing to participate in all activities recommended by the Bexar County DRO. 
      • The NCP must be willing to follow the existing court-ordered visitation instructions.
    4. Have you attended a Shared Parenting Program Orientation/Information Meeting?*
    5. Did you attend in the last 3 months?
    6. Please indicate approximately which date you attended.

      If you're unsure of the date, use today's date.

    7. IF ACCEPTED, THE FOLLOWING services may be provided:
      • Conflict Resolution Services
      • Cooperative Parenting Classes
      • Legal Enforcement of eligible orders if certain criteria is met
      • Other services as needed.
    8. You may contact the Domestic Relations Office – Shared Parenting Program for additional information below:

      When you call the DRO leave a detailed message with the receptionist regarding the nature of your call. The DRO is prohibited from discussing cases with anyone other than you and the other parent.