Where is your office located?

We are located at 100 Dolorosa St. in San Antonio, Texas 78205. Our office is located in the original courthouse in the basement level towards the north end of the building. We are directly across from the Civil Department of the County Clerk’s Office.

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1. I was awarded money that was deposited in a lawsuit, how do I obtain it?
2. There used to be money in the registry for me but it was escheated to the State, now what?
3. I am now 18 and there was money that was held in the registry for me, now what?
4. I was awarded money that was deposited but I’m Pro Se, how can I obtain it on my own?
5. I need to request a refund, how can I do that?
6. I would like to request a report of all funds currently on deposit, how can I obtain that?
7. I submitted a motion/order that was signed by the Judge, now what?
8. What is the status of my refund check?
9. I would like to know the registry balance on a case, how can I find that?
10. I submitted a check that bounced, how can I resolve it?
11. How long will it take before I can receive my money?
12. Can I request my money be transferred to my bank account instead of a check?
13. My check was less than what was deposited, why is that?
14. Where is your office located?