How can I learn more about conducting a business?

Resources that may be helpful are listed below.

The Launch SA Business Center-Main Center Library
600 Soledad Ave
210-207-3903 or 210-598-6623

Certificate of Occupancy/Building Inspections
1901 S. Alamo St. First Floor (Central Records Office)

City of San Antonio Vendors/Peddlers License/Gaming Device Decals
111 Soledad (Fourth Floor)

Commercial Parking Permit
400 N. St Mary’s Ste.100

Internal Revenue Service
E.I.N # or Tax #
8626 Tesoro Dr
210-840-2090 or 800-829-1040

Texas State Comptrollers of Public Accounts
10010 San Pedro Ste. 410

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department
101 W. Nueva Suite 112

Trademark & Patent

Secretary of State

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1. Can I submit the forms required to obtain an Assumed Business Name by mailing to the County Clerk’s office?
2. What is the fee to file an Assumed Business Name?
3. What is the fee for a copy of an Assumed Business Name certificate?
4. How do I register an Assumed Business Name?
5. Does an Assumed Name ever expire?
6. Where can I file a Limited Liability Company/Incorporation/LLC?
7. Who can execute the assumed name certificate?
8. Can I view and print the Assumed Business Name forms on the County Clerk’s website?
9. Can a copy of the original notarized Assumed Business Name document be submitted to the County Clerk’s office?
10. If I have partners, does everybody have to file?
11. Can I amend an assumed name certificate to change incorrect information?
12. What if I am no longer using an assumed name for my business?
13. Can I file more than one Assumed Business Name?
14. Is an Assumed Business Name a license?
15. How can I learn more about conducting a business?