Section 14: County Responsibilities

It is the policy of Bexar County that employees engaged in the process of making purchases on behalf of the County will make an effort to meet the County’s SMWBE Participation Targets of 20% for Minority, and/or Woman-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and/or a minimum of 30% for Small Business Enterprises (SBE). Procurement and contracting dollars spent with a MWBE that also is a SBE will be counted in both categories in the following areas:

  • (A) Purchase of supplies, materials, products, services and equipment
  • (B) Maintenance and/or service of County assets and property
  • (C) Contracts for non-professional services
  • (D) Contracts for commodities, equipment or supplies/materials
  • (E) Contracts for repair/alteration of real property
  • (F) Contracts for construction of real property
  • (G) Contracts for the repair/construction of roads, bridges or other related structures/surfaces
  • (H) Purchase of Professional and Personal Services.

County employees (or designated staff) making purchases on behalf of the County will participate in an educational and training programs implemented by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department and Purchasing Department, which will be available to all county offices, facilities and funded entities.  The training program will include the following information.

  • (A) How to effectively present the SMWBE Program’s importance to the economic well-being of the County and the SMWBE and Non-SMWBE Communities.
  • (B) Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department’s commitment to ensure that each individual involved understands their role in the program, and its relative importance. Recognizing that continuous training and education will be an absolute necessity. The training process will begin with the individuals that are responsible for ordering items and submitting requisitions through the automated system. The designated staff will be made aware of the policies, procedures, documentation requirements and goals of the SMWBE program.
  • (C) The designated staff will be provided access to the Contract and Diversity Management System (CDMS) which contains the automated SMWBE database. The data will consist of sources to contact to obtain price quotes, for budgeting purposes, and for listing on the requisitions to be submitted to purchasing, County Auditor or Commissioners Court.
  • (D) Meetings will be held with departments, offices, funded entities and facilities staff, managers and Directors to emphasize the importance of the program and to solicit their support in helping to make it work.
  • (E) Requirements for documenting and maintaining records of statistics, efforts, payments, awards and their progress in attaining the county established SMWBE participation levels.

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