Section 10: Vendor Responsibilities
  1. The vendor is required to complete and submit a VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM as shown in Attachment C of this policy in response to a County IFB, RFP, SOQ or RFQ. A vendor’s bid or proposal may be declared non-responsive if the completed VENDOR REGISTRATION FORM is not included.
  2. In conjunction with completing the forms, the vendor will comply with the following criteria:
    • (A) To the extent practical, and consistent with standard and prudent industry practices, vendors are encouraged to divide the contract work into the smallest feasible portions to allow for maximum SMWBE sub-contractor, sub-supplier and/or sub-consultant participation.
    • (B) Notify SMWBE in writing or by electronic means when SMWBE opportunities are available, allowing sufficient time for effective participation of the work the vendor plans to for sub-contracting, sub-supplier and/or sub-consultant participation. The notification shall include, but is not being limited to the following:
    •      (i.) Provide information concerning the intended sub-contracting, sub- supplier and/or sub-consultant scope of work;
    •      (ii.) Provide bonding and insurance requirements that the SMWBE sub-contractor, sub-supplier and/or sub-consultant will be required to fulfill; and
    •      (iii.) Provide a point of contact (name, title, phone number, and address, etc.) within the vendor’s organization that can answer any question a SMWBE may have concerning the project.
  3. Provide SMWBE that are genuinely interested in the project with adequate information about the project (i.e. plans & specifications, and scope of work, etc.) and any other information that will prove beneficial to the SMWBE.
  4. Provide written notice/explanation to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department when a SMWBE sub-contractor, sub-supplier and/or sub-consultant participation bid or price quotation/proposal is rejected, unless another SMWBE was selected to perform the same job.

For those vendors that experience difficulty in locating certified SMWBE, a list or access to online database (which is exportable at no cost to the vendor) will be provided to the vendor by the Bexar County Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department.

In order for the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department to supply the list, vendors must provide the following in regards to the project:

  • A. A detailed description of work concerning the intended sub-contracting, sub-supplier or sub-consultant scope of work
  • B. The estimated dollar amount of the work to be subcontracted to SMWBE; and
  • C. Bonding and insurance requirements the SMWBE subcontractor will be required to fulfill.

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