Section 6: Administration

Bexar County Offices, Departments, Funded Entities and Facilities will actively seek and encourage SMWBE to participate in all facets of the procurement process by:

  1. Maintaining, updating and providing access to a database of vendors, suppliers and contractors that qualify as SMWBE, including their products and areas of expertise that is downloadable, exportable and at no cost to the general public. Requests for printed copies may have a reasonable charge accessed;
  2. Developing and implementing an educational and training program for the purchasing departments, county offices, funded entities and facilities buyers to increase the use of SMWBE;
  3. Developing and implementing an educational and training process for documenting the solicitation and rotation of firms for the purchase of goods and services made with the use of cooperative purchasing agreements, inter-locals or other programs;
  4. Establishing, implementing and maintaining a communication process with SMWBE and non-SMWBE vendors, suppliers, professionals and contractors in order to involve them in the procurement process and provide documentation of those efforts to the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department;
  5. Advertising for bid submissions in local community newspapers may be utilized to notify area vendors, suppliers and contractors as to the availability of contracting opportunities on a rotating basis within each represented ethnic/social economic group. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department shall provide the Purchasing Agent a listing of publications;
  6. Submitting notices (IFB, RFQ, SOQ or RFP) to the SBED, City of San Antonio’s Department of Economic Development Small and Minority Business Enterprise Program, SCTRCA, various Chambers of Commerce, CivCast, Bexar County Infor Portal and Contracts & Diversity Management System (CDMS) and/or other business advocacy groups;
  7. Providing SMWBE reports, through Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department, to the Commissioners Court for all purchasing and contract award information on a semi-annual basis;
  8. Encouraging SMWBE participation at pre-bid conferences; and
  9. Developing and encouraging the promotion and use of the Electronic Purchasing Notice and Document Distribution System at no cost to the vendor.

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6. Section 6: Administration
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19. Attachment A: SMWBE Program Goals
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22. Attachment C1200: Bid Submittal Forms
23. Attachment D: Guidelines for the Bexar County SMWBE Advisory Committee
24. Attachment E: Bexar County SMWBE Program Advisory Committee Standard Operating Procedures