Section 5: Program Goals

The best management practices employed by the County consist of implementation of an aggressive tracking and monitoring system and progressive SMWBE outreach activities and mentoring services. The County’s strategies are designed to deliver innovative solutions to increase the effectiveness of its Program. The standard benchmark regarding the effectiveness of SMWBE Programs is to increase both the dollar amount and percentage of services and supplies the agency procures from SMWBE.
The County will continue to foster its best management practices and further build the capacity of SMWBE in its market area as follows:

  1. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department Director, Purchasing Agent, and a representative from each County department and office, will meet periodically to review the anticipated procurement opportunities for the fiscal year for the purpose of achieving the County’s overall SMWBE participation targets as established by Commissioners Court.
  2. The SMWBE Participation Targets of 20% for Minority, and/or Woman-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) and/or a minimum of 30% for Small Business Enterprises (SBE) will apply to all Bexar County procurement and contracting as outlined in Section 1 of this policy. Procurement opportunities shall be reviewed on an individual basis for the purpose of establishing higher or lower participation targets based on the availability of SMWBE.
  3. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department is responsible for managing the effectiveness of the policy. Unless otherwise directed by Commissioners Court, a written report will be provided on a quarterly and annual basis to the SMWBE Advisory Committee, after such time and at the next available scheduled meeting, a report will be provided to the Commissioners Court.
  4. The Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department will be responsible for issuing an annual report which shall reflect the County’s performance and if necessary, recommend new countywide participation targets to be approved by Commissioners Court. The report shall include information about business entity availability and participation efforts in the county purchasing and contracting process, as well as contract awards to SMWBE and non-SMWBE as outlined in Attachment B.

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