What is the Veterans Business & Resource Center?
The Bexar County SMWVBO Conference provides great information. We encourage you to invite everyone in the Veteran community to attend.

One of the great benefits of being a Veteran is the connection with one another. Do you know what’s available to you as a Small, Minority, Woman or Veteran business owner? Are you taking advantage of everything that is offered to you? Do you want to learn how to create or keep a successful business? We want to help you!!!

The Veterans Business & Resource Center is designed to help new and existing veteran-owned businesses to position their firms to gain access to the Federal and other marketplaces. Procurement decision makers are available to discuss capabilities to address agency or corporations business requirements. The agencies and organizations provide an overview on the Service Disabled Veteran Procurement Program; U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army initiatives for increasing contracting opportunities for Veteran-owned firms.

We invite Veterans to visit with the organizations in the Veterans Business & Resource Center. This area is also designed to educate Veterans on what is available exclusively for Veterans and their families. We have information about the SBA Loans, Marketing and Presentation Skills, Teaming for Success in Federal Contracting and the Service Disabled Veteran– Owned Small Business Program.

The SMWVBO Conference provides access for Veterans and their families, to community organizations that can assist them in the areas of housing, mental health, finance, benefits, employment and more.

Veterans will have the opportunity to find resources, support, and partnerships dedicated to mental health policy, education initiatives and advocacy priorities that impact active duty military personnel, Veterans and the family members of these individuals.

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1. What is the SMWVBO Conference?
2. How long has it been held? Why in December?
3. Who should attend this conference?
4. What is the Veterans Business & Resource Center?
5. Why does the County hold this conference?
6. How much does it cost to attend the SMWVBO Conference?
7. Do I have to be in business to attend and what should I bring?
8. Is this only for Construction businesses?
9. How can I prepare for the conference?