How long has it been held? Why in December?

This is the 17th year. December is the year end for SMWVBO and a time for planning the work flow and need for contracts for the following year. It is also the year end for corporations that have developed their budgets for the following year and are ready to start the business process. And, it is the first quarter for public entities that have budgets and are spending them.

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1. What is the SMWVBO Conference?
2. How long has it been held? Why in December?
3. Who should attend this conference?
4. What is the Veterans Business & Resource Center?
5. Why does the County hold this conference?
6. How much does it cost to attend the SMWVBO Conference?
7. Do I have to be in business to attend and what should I bring?
8. Is this only for Construction businesses?
9. How can I prepare for the conference?