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Posted on: January 10, 2022

Volunteer Deputy Registrar Certification Training 2023-2024

Bexar County Elections Department

Volunteer Deputy Registrar Certification Training 2023-2024

We are excited to announce the return of the Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training Program.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, the following 3 options are available at this time to become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar in Bexar County:

Option 1 - Virtual Training via Zoom Meetings

Beginning January 10, 2023 the Virtual training will be every Tuesday at 9:00 AM, and additional training offered the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 PM, class limit 25 participants. Please click here for the registration form. Participants must individually register with a valid email address. Upon completion of the virtual training, the registered participant will have until Friday of that week by 5:00 PM to pick up your certificate, VDR Packet, and take the VDR oath. Please bring a valid TDL or ID.

  • Only one (1) passcode will be issued per email per person to attend the virtual meeting. The Bexar County Election staff will issue only one (1) certificate and packet per email per training for that week subject to verification.
  • If you fail to pick up your packet by 5:00 PM on Friday, you are not a VDR and cannot register anyone to vote. You will have to retake the training.

Option 2 - Online

Beginning January 2024, we will accept walk-ins to take the VDR exam. To gain access to the online training material click on the PDF link below. Once you have reviewed the training material come to the Bexar County Elections Department to take the exam. If you do not have computer access, you can use the computers in our lobby to go over the material to take the exam. You can come into our office Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM to complete your exam for grading. You must pass the exam with a 90 or above. 

Option 3 - In-Person

Beginning January 10, 2023 in person training will be the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM, class limit 25 participants Please click here for the registration form.
Only those who registered with the Bexar County Elections Office gain access to the class.

Virtual Group Training

For virtual group training, where more than one person share a computer or to host a watch party, please call the Bexar County Elections Department for further information.

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