Child Welfare Board

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Child Welfare Board Members

MembersExpirationAppointment SourceDate of AppointmentTerm (Yr)
Alderete Gavito, Marina
Precinct 205/21/2019
Chacon, Meredith12/31/2020County Judge09/11/20183
Daniels, Michelle06/30/2020Precinct 406/06/20173
Ensler, Brielle12/31/2021Precinct 205/07/20203
Garza, Meghan
12/31/2021Precinct 306/04/20193
J. Gonzales, J.D., Marina12/31/2019Precinct 108/31/20193
Guajardo, Andrea12/31/2018Precinct 306/20/20173
Guerra, Javier12/31/2010Precinct 110/20/20093
Ortiz, Olivia Flores
12/31/2021Precinct 207/09/20193
Ripper, Marcie12/31/2020County Judge09/11/20183
Stout, Katy12/31/2019Precinct 302/07/20172
Valenzuela, Yolanda12/31/2007Precinct 104/12/20053
Walker, Leonora
10/31/2023Precinct 410/20/20203
Zamora, Sylvia12/31/2020County Judge09/11/20183
Texas Council of Child Welfare Board

The Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards is a nonprofit organization led by a board of directors representing 11 regional councils and over 220 county child welfare boards. Texas Council of Child Welfare Boards’ (TCCWB) mission is to support a statewide network of volunteers concerned with the welfare of children, especially those suffering from abuse and neglect.

Visit the Friends of the Bexar County Child Welfare Board website for more information.