Alamo Regional Mobility Authority

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MembersExpirationAppointment SourceDate of AppointmentTerm (Yr)
 Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Members 
Agather, John05/31/2023
County Judge05/04/2021
Barratachea, Liza05/31/2023County Judge05/04/20212
Miller, Lou12/31/2016Precinct 401/06/20152
Chan, Elisa12/31/2025Precinct 304/18/20232
Serna Jr., Baltazar R.02/01/2018Precinct 201/26/20162
Starr, David12/31/2025Precinct 105/02/20232
Alamo RMA

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority was created to be a proactive partner empowering our community to address our congestion and mobility concerns through local means with local leadership.

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority is committed to doing our part to help ensure a bright and prosperous future for our community through innovations in financing transportation projects, and the ability to accelerate needed projects to relieve congestion today, instead of waiting for years under traditional methods.

Visit the Alamo RMA website for more information.