Bexar County Budget Department

Welcome to the Bexar County Budget Department

The Budget Department's functions include preparing and presenting the annual County operating budget for approval by Commissioners Court. It has responsibility for monitoring departmental appropriations and expenditures, preparing fiscal assessments and notes, and budgetary transfers as required.

The Budget Department is also responsible for monitoring the performance measures submitted by County departments to evaluate effectiveness and efficiency of programs. The Budget staff ensures that its recommendations are based on accurate information and analyses by maintaining a strong emphasis on validation of data between the budget system, the County Financial Management System, the County Human Resources Information Systems, and data generated by County offices and departments.

The Budget Department is also responsible for coordinating the development of the County's Long Range Financial Forecast and providing quarterly updates to Commissioners Court regarding current year expenditures.

The goals for the Budget Department are to create and support an environment focused on planning, strategic and innovative thinking, practical solutions, and accountability, strengthen Bexar County's financial position, continuously improve business practices, attract, develop, motivate, and retain a productive and diversified workforce, and accomplish goals in the most cost-effective manner for Bexar citizens.