Court Security of Precinct 1

The Judicial Protection Division oversees the duties of the bailiffs and the deputy who provides the screening of all visitors who enter the building. They ensure the safety and security of the Justice of the Peace Courts Precinct 1, Constable’s Office, visitors, and employees. These deputies are also tasked with taking people into custody as ordered by the two Judges and will provide transportation of adult prisoners or juveniles to their proper facilities.

Visitors who enter the building will go through a security screening procedure. In order to expedite this process, all visitors will:

  • Enter the building through the main middle (East) entrance, which is facing Pleasanton Rd.
  • Form a single line at the screening station 
  • Empty out pockets and place all contents in the containers.
  • Place purses, bags briefcases, backpacks and parcels on the table for inspection. (Note: Have the listed items unzipped/opened and ready for a thorough inspection.)
  • Walk through the metal detector one visitor at a time as directed.
  • If the metal detector sets off an alarm, the deputy will perform another scan of the visitor. However, this time the deputy will use a hand wand. (All visitors entering the building may be subject to a cursory pat-search, if we can’t determine what is making the alarm go off. )
  • Upon completion of the screening process, the visitor will retrieve all of their personal possessions and proceed to their desire office.

If a visitor is found in possession of items, which constitutes a criminal violation, the items shall be seized and the visitor may be taken into custody or issued a criminal citation, depending on the circumstances.

Items prohibited in the Building include, but not limited to:

Illegal narcotics, firearms, lighters, knives, scissors, pepper spray, mace, carpet box cutters, letter openers, edged weapons, dangerous hazardous materials, markers, camcorders, audio-recorders, and cameras are all considered prohibited items.

If in doubt about a specific item, please leave it at home or in your vehicle. We will NOT safeguard the item for you. Rules of the Justice of the Peace Courts Precinct 1: 

  • Must wear proper dress attire.
  • Put all cell phones and pagers on silent.
  • No smoking, vaping, and e-cigarettes.
  • No recording or taking pictures of any kind in the courtroom.
  • The media will not be allowed to record any court proceedings inside the courtroom, unless the court gives prior approval.
  • No food or drinks of any kind inside the courtroom.
  • Fill in all seats from the front of the courtroom to the back.
  • No talking while the court is in session unless you are speaking to the judge.
  • The use of caps, hats, and bandanas are prohibited in the courtroom. Caps worn backwards are not allowed in the building’s hallway.
  • No sagging of any kind allowed in the building or courtroom.
  • All Officers present for trial will wait in the designated area assigned by the Justice of the Peace Courts.
  • No electronic devices will be used in the courtroom unless the device is required for the court proceeding.
  • If special accommodations are needed, please notify the bailiff prior to the start of court.

* Disturbances of any kind while court is in session or in the facility may result in a citation being issued, arrest, and or contempt of court.