Precinct 1's Warrant Division

Bexar County SealIt is the duty of the Warrant Division to enforce state laws and enforce the clearance and disposition of all warrants issued to the Constable's office by the Justice of the Peace Courts. Our office works closely with all law enforcement agencies throughout Bexar County on all warrants of arrest. Most of our Precinct 1 misdemeanor class "C" warrants are a result of unpaid traffic citations or truancy warrants.

The Warrant Division mails notices to all individuals with a warrant of arrest as a courtesy. If no response is attempted by the defendant to settle the warrant then the Warrant Division pursues all possible means available in locating and arresting the individual.

If you have any questions in regards to felony warrants and class A or B misdemeanor warrants, please contact the Bexar County Sheriff's Office - Judicial Services Division at 210-335-6050.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do if I get a postcard or business card informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?

A. Contact the named deputy by telephone to get instructions on how to clear the warrant(s).

 Q. What should I do if I get a post card informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?

A. Contact the Warrant Division or Justice of the Peace Court to get additional information on the procedure to follow in clearing the warrant(s).

Q. Do Deputy Constables collect warrant or civil payments over the phone?

A. NO, Deputy Constables will not collect any payment(s) over the phone for any active warrants or civil matters. However, they may at times inform you the proper way to make a payment(s), which are, 1.) in person at the Justice of the Peace Courts or 2.) online at the Justice of the Peace link listed below.

Q. Who do I contact in reference to Misdemeanor B, A, and or felony warrants?

A. The proper authority to contact is the Bexar County Sheriff's Office at 210-335-6050.

To pay online, please visit Justice of the Peace Online Payments.
To inquire about traffic citations, please call DPS at 1-800-686-0570.

Central Magistrate Information

The Central Magistrate Office processes all arrests made within Bexar County that are a class B or higher. They also process class C charges that are filed out of the Justice of the Peace Courts. Payments for these class C cases can be paid online.

Once the defendants are magistrated our office will update their bond amounts and any special conditions that are placed on the bond. Once this process is completed it is provided to the citizens via the internet. Citizen’s can log into the magistrate search for the bond information by visiting the Magistrate Search.

Bexar County Jail Activity Reports

All Bexar County Jail Activity Report data provided herein is provided free of charge by the Sheriff’s Office as a courtesy to the citizens of Bexar County. You may locate the activity reports by visiting: Jail Activity Reports

Sergeant Mike Perez
Warrants Division & Field Supervisor (8am - 5pm)
Office: 210-335-0564
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Sergeant John Brieno
Warrants Division & Night Field Supervisor (12pm - 9pm) 
Office: 210-335-0524
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