Citizen Complaints & Comments

Making a Comment

To ask a general question or make a comment about our department, please email the Public Information Office.

Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint against a Bexar County Sheriff's Office Deputy, please email Bexar County Sheriff's Office Internal Affairs. You may also make a complaint by phone or writing to us at:

Internal Affairs Unit
126 E. Nueva B-1
San Antonio, Texas  78204
Phone (210) 335-6720
Fax (210) 335-6721

Please Note: Bexar County Sheriff's Office does not accept criminal complaints through email.

Complaint Policy

It is the policy of Bexar County Sheriff's Office to courteously receive and to investigate complaints concerning its employees. Anyone filing a complaint must understand the importance of submitting their complaint in writing with their signature affixed. (The Texas Government Code, Section 614.022, requires all complaints against law enforcement officers must be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint.) Complaints not in writing or made anonymously, may still be investigated, but are more difficult to process to an effective conclusion. 

Upon receipt of a complaint, a notification will be prepared and sent to the complainant informing them the complaint is to be investigated and they will be contacted personally, if at all possible, by the investigator to discuss in detail the allegation(s) made against the Sheriff's Office employee.The purpose of an investigation is to seek out the facts in a particular situation and to ascertain the truth. 

Allegations contained in a formal complaint investigation may have one of four outcomes: 

  • Unfounded. The allegation is false, not factual.

  • Exonerated. The incident occurred, but was lawful and proper or was justified under the existing conditions.

  • Not Sustained. There is insufficient evidence to prove or disprove the allegations.

  • Sustained. The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence. At the final conclusion of a complaint investigation, the complainant will be advised of the outcome.

If a complainant deliberately gives false information causing the Department to conduct an investigation, with the approval of the Sheriff, the accuser may be prosecuted for perjury under the appropriate Texas statutes.