Volunteering for CERT

CERT LogoDo you want to do more in your community? Do you want to learn some valuable and life saving skills for disaster response?

When there is a major disaster such as tornado fire or flood, professional first responders may be overwhelmed or delayed when every single second counts. In these situations it is the neighbors or family members that become the first responders. However, without proper training spur-of-the-moment well intentioned volunteers often become injured, adding to the problem.

Become trained and be an active member in your neighborhood!

Volunteer in a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

You and others who are CERT trained in your neighborhood may make the difference between just how much loss of life and property damage happens before the professional responders arrive.

In this free training you will learn: fire safety, search and rescue, disaster medical aid and triage, plus many additional skills. If you want to take this opportunity just to prepare your home and family but not join a team, that is also encouraged, so go ahead and sign up!

CERT Volunteer Application

Usted aprendera las habilidades para preparese, la familia y la comunidad para un desastre.

En este clase aprendera: Operaciones médicos de desastre, seguridad contra incendios, buscar y rescate, además habilidades adicionales para prevenir y responder a desastres en su vecindario.

Forma de Solicitud de Voluntario

For more information contact:
CERT Regional Coordinator
Bexar County Office of Emergency Management (BCOEM)
Phone: 210-206-8534