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Policy Statement on Hiring the Formerly Incarcerated

Many offenders have trouble finding jobs after being released from incarceration. That may not seem like a personal or business concern, but Bexar County Commissioners Court sees it as a County concern. Studies have consistently shown that an inability to gain employment is one of the leading causes of repeat criminal behavior.

While some tough-on-crime advocates argue that these difficulties are just another repercussion of doing the crime, or that those without criminal histories should have a leg up against their counterparts, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson believes it is a public safety issue if those with criminal records cannot find employment. Without a job, these individuals are unable to pursue a law-abiding life in which they make a "living amends;' repay their debt to society; and/or meet their obligations such as child support, fees, fines, and rent.

The Bexar County Department of Economic Development encourages employers in Bexar County to employ, where appropriate, people released from prison and jail. These individuals represent an untapped resource for talent and productivity. Plus, there is the added benefit of improving public safety and the quality of life of our community.

View Bexar County Economic Development Department Policy for Offenders Statement (PDF)