OEM Staff

Chris Lopez

Interim Emergency Management Coordinator

Scott Lampright

Scott Lampright, CEM

Assistant Emergency Management Coordinator

Assists Emergency Management Coordinator in administrative planning, coordinating, and directing the Bexar County Emergency Management Office; implements emergency response programs; files required reports with the State; performs related duties. Performs administrative tasks in planning, coordinating, and directing the activities of the Bexar County Emergency Management Office. This includes preparation of plans and functional annexes for emergency management operations, including mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery actions, for use in directing the mobilization and utilization of emergency management resources and facilities; stays abreast of all mandated training, both Federal and State, and ensures the Emergency Management Coordinator is informed and aware of all matters pertaining to emergency management training and education activities. Maintains a functional Emergency Operations Center. Assists in the development and conduct of realistic emergency exercises, implements the Bexar County Emergency Management Plan; ensures the continual updates and modifications of the Bexar County Emergency Management Plan; maintains and oversees the fixed asset inventory for the Bexar County Emergency Management Office; performs related duties as required. Manages Emergency Management and Homeland Security related grants for the County.

Mark Chadwick

Mark Chadwick, CEM, TEM

Emergency Management Specialist

Directs coordination of response and recovery operations for natural disasters and/or emergencies, preparation and analysis of damage assessments, design and administration of emergency management training and exercises in accordance with State and Federal regulations, develop and maintain liaison with military and jurisdictional authorities throughout the Alamo Area Council of Governments region, conducting threat and risk assessments, and coordination of emergency management activities: including assisting with partnership development initiatives to strengthen response capabilities and capacity, managing interns within the Bexar County Office of Emergency Management, development of Incident Action Plans (IAPs) for incidents and event, and serves as a technical advisor to regional partners in the development of IAPs. Responsible for coordinating emergency management activities such as ordering evacuations, opening public shelters, and implementing functional needs plans and programs. Additional duties include serving on: the Alamo Area All-Hazards Incident Management Team, local and regional committees, and professional boards and committees.

William Johnston

William Johnston

WMD/HazMat Coordinator

Responsible for the overall coordination of the Bexar County Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)/Hazardous Materials (HazMat) regional response teams serving the 13 county Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) region. Manages and administers the regional cache of WMD/HazMat equipment, organizes WMD/HazMat training and exercises, analyzes personal protective equipment and monitoring needs, and provides on scene support for all WMD/HazMat operations. Develops and manages standard operating guidelines (SOGs) to ensure WMD/HazMat operations are conducted in accordance with State and Federal regulations and serves as an advisor to regional partners on issues involving WMD/HazMat management. Additional duties include serving on: the Bexar County Local Emergency Planning Committee and an advisor to the Atascosa County Fire Chiefs.


Citizen Corps Council Coordinator

Chris Herrera

Chris Herrera

Emergency Services District (ESD) Liaison

Coordinates with ESD Boards, ESD attorneys and the District Attorney’s Office, Civil Section for legal issues. Serve as a liaison to staff, government agencies, community organizations, and private sector partners to explain and provide technical assistance on emergency service district programs and projects.

Collaborate with ESD staff in the coordination, development, and maintenance of ESD policies and procedures, annual reporting requirements, Inter-local agreements, annexation actions, portions of comprehensive emergency service district plans and products, and provide technical communication (e.g., maps, graphic design) to other responsible staff members, agencies, organizations, or political jurisdictions. In conjunction with the Bexar County Auditor’s Office, advise and assists local ESDs with their analyses of accounting practices to promote compliance with federal, state and local standards for ESD accounting and reporting and works with any of the ESDs to provide technical assistance. Perform an array of technical, training, research, planning, policy, process, program assessment, and administrative activities to support Bexar County oversight of ESDs.

Michael Morlan

Michael Morlan

Volunteer Services Specialist

Manages the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program for the 13 county Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) region. Conducts recruitment, outreach and advocates for the CERT program. Coordinates with non-profit, religious, local government, private and educational organizations to foster interest for attendance in CERT training and to secure remote training venues. Conducts sight surveys of remote training venues for safety and adequacy. Instructs CERT courses. Leads Alamo Area CERT leadership meetings. Coordinates with CERT regional leadership to meet their team's needs including training supplies, recruitment goals, volunteer needs and instructor vacancies. Staffs volunteer requests from other Bexar County Emergency Management and local government officials when requested. Maintains training equipment and social media page, creates promotional materials.