Bexar County Mission Statement

Our Mission

Build a better community through quality services.

Our Vision

Bexar County will be a results-oriented organization characterized by accountable, professional and innovative leadership focused on excellent service.

Our Goals

Manage for Results:

  • Strengthen coordination among County leaders to make County government more accountable and results oriented.

Strengthen City and County Cooperation: 

  • Implement the City/County cooperation work plan. 

Promote and Maintain a Dynamic and Productive Organization That Values Its Workforce:

  • Recruit and retain the highest quality workforce.
  • Create a consistent quality working environment. 

Manage Finances Proactively While Safeguarding County Assets: 

  • Develop and monitor short and long term financial strategies. 

Use Technology to Improve Performance: 

  • Develop an effective "Strategic Technologies Assessment, Planning and Implementation Process." 

Improve Customer Service:

  • Implement a comprehensive public communications plan.
  • Improve accessibility to services.
  • Clearly define standards of service and accountability to customers.