Bexar County Auditor's Office

Welcome to the Auditor's Office!

The position of Bexar County Auditor is appointed by the State District Judges for a term of two years. The County Auditor is the Chief Financial Officer of Bexar County, with numerous responsibilities mandated in the Texas State Statutes. 


The primary responsibilities of the Bexar County Auditor consist of:

  • Establishing internal controls
  • Approving claims against the County
  • Countersigning all checks other than checks to County Jurors
  • Prescribing the system of accounting
  • Maintaining a set of accounting records (general ledger)
  • Examining the accounts of all county and district offices
  • Reporting these findings to the Commissioners Court. 

In addition to the primary responsibilities cited above, State Statutes dictate, "the County Auditor shall see to the strict enforcement of the law governing county finances".

Leo S. Caldera, CIA, CGAP is the Bexar County Auditor and has been a member of the Bexar County Auditor's Department since May of 1999.

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