BCIT Divisions & Service Lines

Bexar County Information Technology (BCIT) is the provider of information and communication technology for all Bexar County government elected officials and departments.  The County Chief Information and Technology Officer, Mark Gager, reports directly to the County Manager. The staff is comprised of a diverse, well-trained, and highly skilled workforce dedicated to the vision of supporting the mission of Bexar County with high quality, innovative, and cost effective information and communication technology solutions.

To best serve our county government customers in providing service to Bexar County citizenry, BCIT is divided into these divisions:

  • Information Technology
  • Information Security
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Services
  • Business Services
  • Sourcing

Information Technology Division

Information Technology consists of all the technical teams of BCIT and is responsible for performing a variety of services:

  • Providing support to Bexar County offices and departments by answering questions and resolving technical issues that are our users may encounter
  • Managing the Data Center and Bexar County infrastructure that provides networking and communication capabilities
  • Developing, supporting, and managing Bexar County applications and websites
  • Increase community engagement in order to make it easier for the citizens of Bexar County to engage in county services through the use of technology

Information Security Division

The Information Security Division establishes and maintains vision, strategy, and program to ensure Bexar County’s information assets and technologies are adequately protected. We provide the County services in:

  • Information security program management and risk management
  • Security engineering and asset protection
  • Security operations and incident management
  • Security awareness and compliance program management 

Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is designed to maximize resources by standardizing and utilizing industry best practice methodologies and processes to manage the life cycle of projects. The three main functions of the PMO are centered around Project Management, Project Governance and Portfolio Management.

Project Management is the standardization of processes and practices to maximize resources and technology vital to project success. Project Governance includes the policies and practices implemented to ensure consistency in the selection and prioritization of projects and the assignment of resources to complete those projects. Finally, Portfolio Management is the categorization and tracking of all projects and pertinent data to ensure transparency from initiation to project completion.

Project Managers, assigned to the PMO, utilize the methodologies developed to manage scope, schedule and cost parameters of each project through the critical resources assigned. It is the management of the resources and the perimeters, through daily interaction on each project, that materializes in tangible benefits of: projects completing on time, requirements and deliverables meeting customer needs, and reduction in cost.

Strategic Services Division

The Strategic Services Division utilizes the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) methodology and supports the Bexar County Information Technology Department in three key areas:  Scorecard Management, Organizational Alignment, and Strategy Reviews.  

Scorecard Management

Strategic Services owns of the Balanced Scorecard process which entails several responsibilities. At the annual evaluation meeting, Strategic Services facilitates the process of translating the updated strategy into the scorecard map and objectives. Even if there are no changes to the BCIT strategic objectives, Strategic Services leads a discussion about whether the Executive team wants to change any BSC measures. Once the Executive team has approved the objectives and measures for the subsequent year, Strategic Services works with the executive team in selecting targets and identifying the strategic projects required to achieve targeted performance on the BSC measures.

During the year, Strategic Services conducts training and education courses on the Balanced Scorecard management system, and serves as the central resource to coach, educate, train, and assist BCIT employees about the BSC methodology and tools. Strategic Services oversees the process by which data are collected and reported and can assist with data entry in the Balanced Scorecard management system. This oversight ensures the integrity of the reported BSC data.

Organization Alignment

Strategic Services facilitates the development and cascading of scorecards to all Service Lines of BCIT.  Properly cascaded scorecards ensure Service Lines and BCIT are aligned and moving towards the same mission and vision.  

Strategy Reviews

Strategic Services provides a monthly review of all scorecards and facilitates a quarterly Strategic Review Meeting (SRM).  The quarterly SRMs provide the opportunity to review performance and to make strategic adjustments. Strategic Services briefs the CITO and CTO in advance of the SRMs about strategic issues identified during scorecard review. The briefing shapes the agenda of the meeting so that it focuses on strategy review and learning, rather than just short-term financial performance and firefighting plans. Strategic Services monitors the SRM to determine action items, and follows up afterwards to ensure that the action items are documented and completed.

Business Services Division

The Business Services Division has a vital role in the organization: providing support to the department’s most valuable resources ... its employees.

The Core functions of the IT Business Services Division are administrative in nature, as they manage the department day‐to‐day Human Resources responsibilities:

  • Recruitment process
  • New hire ‐ On boarding
  • Transfers
  • Promotions
  • Training and Travel
  • Budget
  • Administrative paperwork
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Employees grievances
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Compliance and safety
  • Policies and procedures

Sourcing Division

The BCIT Sourcing group oversees the administration of the financial and contractual obligations of the IT Department for the entirety of the County. This administration consists of the areas of:

  • IT Asset Management
  • IT Contract Management
  • IT Budget Management
  • IT Procurement
  • IT Vendor Management

Each of the five (5) areas are interdependent on one another and work in unison to form a holistic approach to Strategic Sourcing and Asset Lifecycle Management. This allows for the Sourcing group to better serve the departments and elected offices by adhering to the best practices of each area, and for the competitive sourcing of all goods and services related to Information Technology that are owned and/or managed by Bexar County.