BCIT Divisions & Service Lines

Bexar County Information Technology (BCIT) is the provider of information and communication technology for all Bexar County government elected officials and departments.  The County Chief Information Officer, Mark Gager, reports directly to the County Manager. The staff is comprised of a diverse, well-trained, and highly skilled workforce dedicated to the vision of supporting the mission of Bexar County with high quality, innovative, and cost effective information and communication technology solutions.

To best serve our county government customers in providing service to Bexar County citizenry, BCIT is divided into these divisions:

  • Office of the CIO
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Information Security
  • Project Management
  • Solutions Delivery

Office of the CIO

The Office of the CIO consists of these service lines:

  • Business Relationship Management: Business Relationship Management partners with Bexar County offices and departments to understand their mission, vision, and identify the opportunities which will drive efficiency through technology.  
  • Business Services: Business Services has a vital role in the organization: providing support to Information Technology's most valuable resources... its employees. The core functions of the Business Services service line are administrative in nature, managing the department day‐to‐day Human Resources responsibilities.
  • Quality Management: Quality Management supports offices and departments though a variety of services: Business Analysis is a core service to ensure projects begin well to save money and time. Testing provides stakeholders with assurance about the quality of the software they receive from us. Quality testing must be a high priority for any software development project. 
  • Demand Management

Enterprise Architecture Division

The Enterprise Architecture division leads the organization in standardizing and organizing IT infrastructure to align with business goals. These strategies support digital transformation, IT growth and the modernization of IT.

Information Security Division

The Information Security division establishes and maintains the vision, strategy, and program to ensure Bexar County’s information assets and technologies are adequately protected. We provide the County services in:

  • Information security program management and risk management
  • Security engineering and asset protection
  • Security operations and incident management
  • Security awareness and compliance program management 


The Project Management Office (PMO) is designed to maximize resources by standardizing and utilizing industry best practice methodologies and processes to manage the life cycle of projects. The three main functions of the PMO are centered around Project Management, Project Governance and Portfolio Management.

Project Management is the standardization of processes and practices to maximize resources and technology vital to project success. Project Governance includes the policies and practices implemented to ensure consistency in the selection and prioritization of projects and the assignment of resources to complete those projects. Finally, Portfolio Management is the categorization and tracking of all projects and pertinent data to ensure transparency from initiation to project completion.

Project Managers, assigned to the PMO, utilize the methodologies developed to manage scope, schedule and cost parameters of each project through the critical resources assigned. It is the management of the resources and the parameters, through daily interaction on each project, that materializes in tangible benefits of: projects completing on time, requirements and deliverables meeting customer needs, and reduction in cost.

Solutions Delivery Division

The Solutions Delivery division consists of all the technical teams of BCIT and is responsible for performing a variety of services:

  • Providing support to Bexar County offices and departments by answering questions and resolving technical issues that are our users may encounter
  • Managing the Data Center and Bexar County infrastructure that provides networking and communication capabilities
  • Developing, supporting, and managing Bexar County applications and websites
  • Increase community engagement in order to make it easier for the citizens of Bexar County to engage in county services through the use of technology

Service Lines

In order to effectively provide services, the Solutions Delivery division consists of the following service lines:

  • Application Development & Analytics: Application development is needed to create, modernize, optimize, and integrate applications for our customers. The goal of application development is to solve a need or problem by reducing process execution time and/or operation cost. Business intelligence (BI) combines business analytics, data visualization, data tools and best practices to help offices and departments make more data-driven decisions.
  • Compute & Storage Services: Compute and Storage Services provides highly available technology services, delivered by specialized, diversified skillsets to ensure the needs of Bexar County’s departments and offices are met with the highest quality support available.  They provide critical on-premises and cloud compute and storage services, and management of the County’s endpoint systems.
  • Enterprise Business Systems: The Enterprise Business Systems (EBS) service line works to deliver state-of-the-art, strategic, reliable, and integrated enterprise applications that empower Bexar County offices and departments to be more efficient, collaborative, and innovative in providing services for the constituents of Bexar County. 
  • Enterprise Justice Systems: The Enterprise Justice Systems service line is primarily responsible for the public safety applications used by Bexar County. These applications support Law Enforcement; Prosecution; Court and Clerk Administration; and Adult and Juvenile Correction and Supervision, among others. They also support the sharing of information between other systems within the county, as well as with State and Federal agencies. 
  • eServices & Innovation: From customizable websites and maps to community engagement through social media, eS&I provides digital solutions and relevant information to Bexar County offices, departments, partners, and constituents through internal and external platforms that increase efficiency and help with making decisions, while providing transparency. 
  • Network Services: Network Services provides reliable data and voice network services to the County. The Network Services team of dedicated, highly qualified network engineering staff is committed to provide excellence in network availability and customer experience.
  • Technical Support Services: Technical Support Services provides high-quality, onsite hardware and software support for Bexar County offices and departments. They also manage the life cycle of end-user computing technology.