Governance and Oversight

Advisory Board

The Board is currently made up of volunteers from various backgrounds in the criminal justice system.  We have two well experienced attorneys who are active members of the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers’ Association:  Don Flanary and Dayna Jones.  Laquita Garcia, a strong local advocate for the rights of accused citizens, fills the required spot of someone (or a family member of a person) who was previously incarcerated.  Stephanie Stevens is a law professor with experience in criminal defense and Michelle Garcia Shaw is an experienced lawyer and a member of a community organization that does substantial work in the field of criminal justice.  Additionally, we have Judge Bert Richardson from the Court of Criminal Appeals serving on the Board. Our newest addition is Brad Hargis.  Brad is the Executive Director of the Capital Area Private Defender Service in Austin.  His personal experience with running a MAC office will truly benefit our board.  To avoid any conflict, none of the seven members of the Board currently accept appointments for representation of citizens accused of crimes.  


At present, Stephanie Stevens is the Chair; Dayna Jones is the Vice-Chair, and Laquita Garcia is the Secretary.  


The written plan of operations is a strategic plan that outlines the MAC's daily operations and procedures. 


The Fair Defense Act passed in 2001 and required all Texas criminal courts to adopt formal procedures for how they appoint attorneys for indigent defendants.