Temporaries & Contested Cases

All Contested Matters including Temporary Guardianships, Temporary Administrations, TROs, Injunctions, and Pro Se Matters must be set through the Court Coordinator, Genevieve Alvarez at  Emails should include the Case Number, Case Name, Title of the Application/Motion you are trying to set, and the time announcement. As a reminder, please include all parties involved. Please note that contested matters will be held in person.

Uncontested Cases 

Attorneys will use the Probate Court No. 2 Online Portal to set uncontested matters such as Probate of Wills, Heirships, Dependent Administration, 351 Applications, Modifications of Trust, 1301 Trust, Resignation and Appointments of Successor (Administrators/Executors), Foreclosures, Partitions and Guardianships. If none of the dockets applies to your application or motion, you must email the Court Coordinator, Genevieve Alvarez at Uncontested matters can be held via Zoom, Hybrid, or in person.

Click below to access the Uncontested Scheduling Portal

Submissions Review (Hearing is Not Required) 

The filings below are the most common submissions that do not require a hearing. Please note this list does not include all other filings that can be reviewed by submissions. If you are unsure if your filing can be approved by submission, please contact the staff attorney. Please wait 3 weeks before contacting the court requiring the status of your order unless it’s an emergency.   

  • 1st & 2nd Extension of Inventory
  • Agreed Docket Control Order
  • Agreed Motion to Withdraw
  • Annual Report
  • Annual/Final Account 
  • Application for Burial Services
  • Application for Expenditures
  • Application for Partition or Distribution
  • Application for Sale of Property (Real or Personal)
  • Application to Purchase Property Only (Guardianship)  
  • Appointment of Attorney Ad Litem
  • Attorney Fees/Reimbursement Expenses
  • Authority to Expended Funds 
  • Bonds
  • Claims 
  • Commissions 
  • Inventory
  • Judicial Discharge
  • Lockbox & Safe Keeping Agreement 
  • Monthly Allowance
  • Motion to Close 
  • Motion to Increase or Decrease Bonds
  • Motion to Ratify 
  • Report of Sale of Property (Real or Personal) 
  • Show Cause 
  • Small Estate Affidavit