OnmiBallot: Accessible Absentee Portal

OmniBallot will allow legally blind individuals who are also registered voters residing in Bexar County, Texas to cast their ballot and vote in all nationwide, state, and local elections in a secure manner via email. In the past voters who could not see, hold, or mark a paper postal ballot, or vote in the polls due to disabilities were not able to vote privately and independently.

Check out the video below for a demonstration on how to use the OmniBallot system.

  1. Print (PDF) the ABBM form:
  2. Complete Sections 1 through 4.
  3. Sign and Date Section 5.
  4. For Section 6:
    • If you were unable to sign the application and someone witnessed your signature, that person must complete Section 6.
    • If someone helped you complete the application or mailed the application for you, that person must complete Section 6.
  5. Affix postage.
    • Printed application must be placed in your envelope and added postage.
  6. Address and mail the completed ABBM to the Early Voting Clerk in your county. 
    • You may also fax the application if a fax machine is available in the early voting clerk’s office.  
    • You also have the option of submitting a scanned copy of the completed and signed application to the Early Voting Clerk via email. 
    • If an ABBM is faxed or emailed, then the original hard copy of the application MUST be mailed and received by the early voting clerk no later than the 4th business day.

The Early Voting Clerk is the County Clerk or Elections Administrator for your county.

Contact information, including mailing addresses, fax numbers if available, and email addresses, for the Early Voting Clerks are available on this website.

Declaration to Vote by Mail Because of Blindness

Please note that this declaration must be placed in the same envelope as your application to vote by mail.

OmniBallot Portal

Please visit the OmniBallot Portal to vote on your ballot.

Court Order

Per Civil Action No. SA-22-CV-00409-XR that was filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, San Antonio Division, which, among others, mandates Bexar County to implement an electronic remote accessible vote-by-mail system (a “RAVBM”) which is accessible by meeting the applicable requirements of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (“ACAG”) 2.1, Level AA, for the benefit of “legally blind” individuals who are also registered voters in Bexar County, Texas by the November 7. 2023 election and all future elections for the next four years in time for the start of absentee voting.