Employment and Transition

Employment Services

Book your employment services appointment today! We can help build your employability profile, prepare you for job placement & assist with vetted community-based resource referrals! Call us at (210) 335-6775.

  • Transitioning military service members from active military to civilian support,
  • Veteran and community-based vetted referral resources,fem vet employed
  • Career mapping,
  • Career navigation,
  • Job readiness free workshops,
  • Career counseling & advisement.
  1. Veterans Cycle
  2. Transition Services
  3. Hire Military

Veterans Cycle

From military transition, employment readiness training, career employment, non-employment services (i.e. Veteran Administration benefits), and through the final salute at the burial, Bexar County Department of Military and Veterans Services staff will assist you with services and a rich mix of vetted resource referrals!

Veterans Cycle