Hearing Requirements

The following guide is a quick outline of the types of motions set on Bexar County's Presiding Court Centralized Docket System and is not intended to replace the Local Rules.

  • Pre-trial hearings will be scheduled and heard at 8:30 AM or  9:00 AM (see below for when each type of motion is heard).
    • Attorneys should bring to each 8:30 AM hearing a written order that sets forth the relief anticipated.
    • All Non-evidentiary hearings are set at 8:30 AM or shall have noted an attempt to confer.
    • Non-jury Trials on the Merits and requests for Temporary Injunctions and Temporary Orders will be scheduled and heard at 9:00 AM.
    • All Evidentiary hearings are set at 9:00 AM.
  • Three (3) days' notice is required - weekends, legal & local holidays observed are not included.

Hearing Times & Location

8:30 AM, 9:00 AM, & 2:00 PM

100 Dolorosa, Suite 1.09
1st Floor, Bexar County Courthouse
San Antonio, Texas 78205

If you have any questions regarding this guide, you may contact the Non-Jury Setting Clerk, at 210-335-2000.

Zoom Information

  • Presiding Court Zoom Link: Zoom Presiding Court Link
  • Presiding Court Zoom ID Number: 917-895-6796
  • Presiding Court Telephone Number: 1-346-248-7799
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Hearing Types of Motion Information

8:30 AM Presiding Court Motions

The following is a list of types of motions that are set in Presiding Court at 8:30 AM:
  • Abatement
  • Abatement
  • Any other Non-Evidentiary pre-trial motion that is subject to jurisdiction
  • Compel
  • Confirmation of Arbitration
  • Continuance (non-jury setting)
  • Continuance (non-jury setting)
  • Default Judgment
  • Enter order on Summary Judgment or assess to pre-trial motion that is subject set aside or assess for new trial (Exception - to jurisdiction goes back to Judge that heard matter unless Judge is not available, then set motion in presiding)
  • Final Judgment
  • Friendly Suit
  • Leave to file
  • Motion Consolidate
  • Motion for Leave
  • Motion for Preparation of Social Study
  • Motion for substitution of Counsel
  • Motion to Disqualify
  • Non-Suit
  • Notice of Appeal of Master's report
  • Quash
  • Require Medical Examination
  • Require Medical Examination
  • Revoke
  • Sanctions
  • Sever
  • Special Appearance
  • Special Appearance
  • Special Exceptions
  • Stay proceedings
  • Strike Witnesses/Experts
  • Substitution
  • Summary Judgment (need at least 21 days notice)
  • Summary Judgment (need at least 21 days notice)
  • Withdrawal of Counsel
  • Withdrawal of Counsel