Managed Assigned Counsel

The Managed Assigned Counsel model is responsible for the assignment of qualified attorneys to represent criminally-accused indigent people in Bexar County. The MAC was established to comply with the Bexar Indigent Defense Plan, Fair Defense laws, and the Texas and US Constitutions. This structure will support assigned counsel with holistic defense including case coordination, litigation support, and technology innovation for the best possible outcomes!


is to support ethical, effective, and zealous client-centered representation to the people of Bexar County, regardless of economic status.


is to ensure equal justice for all.

On October 1, 2021, Bexar County approved the creation of a managed assigned counsel system for court-appointed lawyers in Bexar County. The MAC office was proposed to enhance the quality of representation of indigent people accused of crimes in Bexar County. When fully operational, we will be the largest MAC office in the State of Texas and will include juvenile indigent defense, mental health services, and an on-site immigration attorney.


Direct Deposit Forms

Direct Deposit for Voucher payments is available through the Bexar County Auditor's Office.  The two forms needed, Vendor Request Form and W-9 Form, are available on our Attorney Resources page along with instructions for submission.


Special Order 2023SO11 signed 9 October 2023 is now available, specific changes can be found in section II of the order concerning the filing of vouchers.  The new order can be found on our Attorney Resources page.

Updated Misdemeanor Voucher Form and new DWI and Family Violence Voucher Form available on our Attorney Resources page.

Panel Attorneys can find forms formerly available at the County Court Admin site on the Adult Criminal tab of our Attorney Resources page. 

New Attorney Application

The new application is located on our Attorney Resources page. Applications should be turned in to More details coming soon!

Bringing Social Science into the Courtroom

This project is being led by Professor Eve Primus and the University of Michigan called Data for Defenders.  She is collaborating with NAPD, Partners for Justice, Gideon's Promise, along with several state and local public defender offices.

The Data for Defenders is aimed at promoting creative and evidence-based advocacy through research. This database includes briefs, motions, and transcripts that make social science arguments readily available for whoever may need it, in and out of the courtroom. 

Check out Data for Defenders here:

Updated Felony Voucher 

New Fee Schedule approved as of May 1st, 2023.

Updated Felony Voucher Form is now available at the County Court Admin site on the Adult Criminal tab of our Attorney Resources page.

mental health client resources and FAQ

Resources are now available on the Mental Health tab of our Attorney Resources page.

While you are there check out our Mental Health FAQ as well!