Background Checks


  • You must present a valid driver's license or valid government-issued ID.
  • The fee depending on results varies from $3.00 to $8.00.
  • We accept cash only and no bills larger than $10.

Visit us at the following location:

Please call ahead 210-335-6302 to confirm availability 
Monday-Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
South Tower (corner of Commerce & Comal)
Parking is available in the parking garage for a fee.

By Mail

Mail the following:

  • A fingerprint card, you can obtain a fingerprint card from your local law enforcement agency.
  • A copy of a valid ID or driver's license, including a money order for $8.00. 
  • Include contact information, in case we need to contact you for additional information.

Mail the envelope to :
Bexar County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Central Records
200 N. Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207