About the Alamo RMA

What is an RMA?

The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority is an independent governmental agency created by the Texas Transportation Commission and the Bexar County Commissioners Court in December 2003, to accelerate needed transportation projects in Bexar County.

A Regional Mobility Authority (RMA) is a local transportation authority that can build, operate, and maintain toll roads along with other transportation projects. The Texas Legislature authorized the creation of RMAs in 2001 under Senate Bill 342.

Overseen by a seven-member board of directors, an RMA brings local leadership to the local issues impacting our transportation network.

RMAs provide a new, more flexible way to construct critical mobility improvements by allowing the use of local dollars to leverage revenue bonds.

Individual or multiple counties can form an RMA to address local transportation needs more quickly than would be possible under traditional methods, and excess revenues can be used for other transportation projects in the area.

Since 2004, the Alamo RMA has been working to leverage funding and bring needed relief to the congestion impacting the Bexar County area, making use of the tools shown below.

Mission Statement

Our Mission - To help move people faster in our community, by providing choices in your daily commute.  

The Alamo RMA Board of Directors has developed and approved the Alamo RMA's Commitment to Our Community as shown below: 

Provide local leadership and control over transportation projects to keep our economy moving

Accelerate the construction of needed multi-modal transportation projects to address quality of life issues

Leverage federal, state, regional, and local funds through the use of all available funding tools

Ensure that motorists will always have a choice between tolled and non-tolled lanes, and work to develop other multi-modal projects to help keep our region moving 

Increase travel safety for our community by decreasing congestion

Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Chart