Galm Road Phase III

What is Galm Road Phase III?

This project is the third phase of improvements to Galm Rd. This project is a $11.714 million project which will reconstruct 1.6 miles of Galm Rd. from Culebra Rd. to the entrance of Government Canyon. This project is a joint initiative with Bexar County, San Antonio Water System, and CPS Energy. 

Galm Rd. Expansion Diagram

How Will This Change Galm Rd.

This project will expand the current 2-lane roadway into a 5-lane roadway, with two lanes of traffic in either direction, a center/turn lane, bike lanes, and sidewalks.  

Galm Rd. Expansion Diagram

How Long Will Construction Last?

The Galm Rd. Phase 3 project is anticipated to last 20 months, with the project starting in May of 2022 and completing in January of 2024.

Questions & Comments

For more information on the project, contact the Bexar County Public Works Department or the Precinct 2 office at (210) 335-2612. You can also email Precinct 2 at