Sheriff’s Citizens Advisory Action Board

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MembersExpirationAppointment SourceDate of AppointmentTerm (Yr)
Benson, Charlie12/31/2024Precinct 311/15/2022
Campos, Anna M. 12/31/2023Precinct 403/22/20222
Coleman, Simone "SY"12/31/2023Precinct 103/22/20222
Esquivel, Eva12/31/2023County Judge03/08/20222
Lujan, Mary Ann05/03/2024Precinct 105/03/20222
Katz, Dr. Yvonne12/31/2023County Judge03/08/20222
Thomas, Ananda
Precinct 411/29/2022
Vacant-Precinct 2-2
Vacant-Precinct 2-2
Vacant-Precinct 3-2
Vacant-Precinct 3-2