Available Services

  • Anger Management Classes
  • Battering intervention & Prevention Program (BIPP)
  • Cite & Release
  • Food, Hygiene, and Clothing
  • GED Placement Testing and Tutoring
  • Government Benefits Enrollment
  • ID Recovery
  • Interview Preparation and Job Search Assistance
  • Job Readiness and Resume Writing
  • Job Training Program
  • Mental Health Services
  • Moral Reconation Therapy (Pre-MRT & MRT)
  • Other Specialized Classes
  • Spiritual Guidance and Networking
  • Substance Abuse Services
  • Utility Assistance

Getting Ready to Return

Here are some helpful tips if you are just returning:

  • Prepare a plan before you leave the facility. 
    It is critical that you follow your plan during the first 24 hours. Arrange for a safe person to pick you up at the facility upon release. Notify your pro-social family and friends ahead of time that you need their support. Asking for a mentor or an AA/NA sponsor while in custody will provide you with a safety net for the challenges you may undoubtedly encounter. 
  • Give yourself time to adjust and be patient with yourself. 
    Spend time with family, positive friends, or a mentor who can offer good advice and information. Reaching your new goals will take time, so try to take it one step at a time. 
  • Ask for help early on. 
    It shows you are smart, not weak. Call the Reentry Center at 210-335-8744. The staff will help you connect with programs and services that will help you overcome barriers you may run into on your journey.
  • Take care of yourself.
    Surround yourself with people who will affirm your new lifestyle and support you in making positive changes. Stay away from the “old neighborhood.” Avoid people and places that are associated with your old habits. This may even include family members who are still using drugs or are involved in illegal activity.

Be strong – stick to your plan – it is your comeback!