Felony Veterans Treatment Court

Judge Frank J. Castro, 399th District Court


The Felony Veterans Treatment Court is designed to reduce arrests and promote self-sufficiency through sobriety, employment, and education. These measures enhance one's ability to remain in the community as a productive and responsible member of society. Through a judicially supervised treatment program, participants are given a variety of treatment options and methods designed to confront one's addictions, traumas, and  other mental health issues.


  • Provide each participant with a judicially supervised treatment programs using a variety of methods and treatment options.
  • Promote the achievement of educational, employment, and social goals promoting a healthy and productive lifestyle.
  • Help each participant become a productive citizen in the community.
  • Help each participant abstain from the abuse of substances by treating addiction and other underlying factors, thereby reducing contact with the criminal justice system.


Eligibility criteria for participation with the Bexar County Veterans Felony Court include being a Veteran or current member of the United States Armed Forces. All discharge statuses are eligible but on a case by case bases.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a veteran of the United States Military or National Guard
  • Must be able to provide a DD214 form showing military discharge
  • Have pending eligible felony offense
  • A legal U.S resident/citizen residing in Bexar County or surrounding counties
  • Must be willing to attend a VA mental health assessment