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File-stamped copies of the documents you have filed are available to the filing attorney through your electronic service provider interface. In addition to the ability to access file-stamped copies on your account, you will also have copies emailed to the email address associated with your account, and you may opt to have a courtesy copy sent to the email address of your choice (a paralegal, or another attorney, for instance).

eFiling Information

  • Filing Deadline: Documents electronically filed before midnight on the filing date of the deadline are deemed timely filed. An electronically filed document is deemed filed when transmitted to an approved electronic filing service provider. If filed Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday, it is deemed filed the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, or a legal holiday. If a motion and order is required to allow the filing of a document, it is deemed filed on the date the motion is granted.
  • Electronic Signature: A document can be electronically signed if “/s/” and a name are typed where the signature would appear, or an electronic image or scanned image of the signature is on the document.
  • Sensitive Data: The Supreme Court created new rules of civil procedure that include language prohibiting the filing of documents that contain unredacted, sensitive data. If the sensitive data is redacted, the attorney must retain an original un-redacted document. Sensitive data includes social security numbers, taxpayer ID numbers, bank account, and credit card numbers, and government ID numbers. The rules also designate as sensitive information the name, address, or birthday of a person who is a minor at the time of the filing of the suit. Sensitive data should not be included unless it is required by law, court rule, or administrative regulation. The court may strike any document that contains unredacted data in violation of the rule.                     
  • Stricken Documents: If a document fails to conform to Rule 21, the court may strike the document, identify the error to be corrected, and state a deadline for the party to resubmit the document in a conforming format. The substitute document must be deemed filed on the same day as the document that was struck.

Please visit eFileTexas.Gov | Official E-Filing System for Texas for more information.

  1. Bexar County Courts at Law Information 

    The Supreme Court of Texas has mandated that all attorneys file court documents electronically in the ten most populous counties. Bexar County is one of those counties, effective as of January 1, 2014.

    Attorneys are required to electronically file court documents in Civil, Probate, and Criminal cases in Bexar County through an electronic filing service provider. This provider must be certified by the Office of Court Administration.

    Parties representing themselves in court for Criminal cases without the assistance of an attorney (Pro Se litigants) may hand file their documents to the county clerk. For Pro Se litigants or in the event of an emergency, documents may be hand filed in the court in which the case has been assigned. 

    For questions regarding filing, contact:

    Bexar County Clerk
    Bexar County Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    San Antonio, Texas 78205

    How To eFile

    Choose an electronic filing service provider (EFSP) at An electronic filing service provider (EFSP) is required to help you file your documents and act as the intermediary between you and the system. 

    For eFiling questions you may call 210-335-2496 or 855-839-3453.