Bexar County Pioneer Award

Women's History Month 2021

Bexar County's 

Women's History Month Celebration

Presentation on behalf of Commissioners Court recognizing March 23, 2021 as "Bexar County Women’s Day" to commemorate Women’s History Month, supporting the National theme of “Chronicles of American Women: Your History Makers” in support of the Bexar County Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department’s efforts to accelerate women business ownership. The Court will also present the 2021 Bexar County Pioneer Awards to the Honorable Rebeca Clay-Flores, Commissioner, Precinct 1; the Honorable Trish DeBerry, Commissioner, Precinct 3; and the Honorable Kathryn Brown, Constable, Precinct 4 for achieving an important milestone with their entrance as Bexar County’s first female elected officials in their respective positions.

National ThemeBexar County Pioneer Award Recipients
2021 Chronicles of American Women: Your History MakersRebeca Clay-Flores / Trish DeBerry / Kathryn Brown
2020 Honoring Valiant Women of the VoteStephanie R. Boyd / Yolanda Huff / Grace M. Uzomba
2019 Honoring Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & NonviolenceRosie Speedlin Gonzalez
2018 Women Who Fight All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Susan Yeatts
2017 Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business
Karen H. Pozza
2016 Working to Form a More Perfect Union
Jacquelyn F. Callanen
2015 Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives
Francine Wilson
2014 Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment
Renee Green
2013 Women Inspiring Innovation through Imagination
Susan L. Pamerleau
2012 Women's Education - Women's Empowerment
Donna McKinney
2011 Our History is Our Strength
Madonna Minarich
2010 Writing Women Back into History
Sharon Macrae
2009 Women Taking the Lead to Save the Planet
Cindy Gabriel
2008 Women's Art: Women's Vision
Carmen Kelsey
2007 Generations of Women Moving Forward
Margaret Montemayor
2006 Women Builders of Communities and Dreams
Alma Lopez
2005 Women Change America
Sylvia Romo
2004 Women Leading America
Susan Reed
2003 Women Pioneering the Future
Tracy Wolff

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