Contract & Diversity Management System (CDMS)

What Is CDMS?

Public agencies like Bexar County are using the Contract and Diversity Management System (CDMS) for many reasons. It establishes a common communications platform for county employees, other entities, and vendors. The system helps save time in searching for vendors whether they are certified or non-certified vendors.You can also use CDMS to track numerous projects on a single system and can also access supporting documents from outside sources.

Logging In

When your first log in to CDMS, your user name is your county e-mail address (For example, Your initial password is the word that will be sent to you via e-mail. Change your password from the dashboard after initial login. After changing your password, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of the change.

Using CDMS

A popular feature in utilizing CDMS is searching for vendors. When you are searching for vendors you can find them by clicking on the tab “Searching All Matches” after you have searched for a company by name, city, area code, or however you decide to search for a vendor. Data sources are Bexar County vendor lists and other various sources.

Click “unselect all” to search vendors that are not certified.

You can view a listing of all vendors when clicking on “search all matches.” To search for certified vendors type in a vendor name.  Click “select all” on Certification Parameters. There is a display of various types of certifications that may be selected.

When selected this displays vendors contact information and certifications