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Updated 10-14-2020

Voter Registration

• There are 1,181,842 registered voters in Bexar County

• This is the highest number of voter registrations, ever

• In the US Presidential Election in 2016, there were 1,049,089 registered voters

Mail-in Ballots

• Elections has been mailing out about 6,500 per day

• Voters who hand deliver mail-in ballots to elections must produce a driver’s license or photo ID. The voter signs in with a clerk and their ballot is time-stamped with “Hand-delivered”

• Mail-in ballot voting procedure:

o Voter packet arrives in brown envelope

o Contents: letter from SOS, list of write-in candidates, letter about bringing mail-in ballots by hand, white secrecy envelope and actual ballot

o Voter completes ballot, places in white secrecy envelope, places in mailing envelope, signs their name across the flap, and sends into elections office or brings in by hand

• Once mail-in ballots are returned to elections office

o Ballots are scanned in and turned over to early ballot board

o Ballots are then verified—voter’s signature across flap ensures it’s them—that signature is scanned in

o Ballots are turned over to another group, which takes out the ballot and places in a bucket

o Voters may check the status of their ballot at through election ballot-tracking software that went online October 4th.

• Ballot Tracking

o Voter goes to home page: and clicks on ‘track my ballot’ 

o Voter enters last name, birthdate, DL number or last four of social

o Tracking status informs voter: whether elections has voter’s app, whether it’s entered into system, whether ballot is pending (meaning it is in the print queue in-house), the date the ballot was placed in the mail and the date the ballot was returned to elections by the voter

• Process for voter who requests mail-in ballot, then votes in person

o Voter record is marked in elections once they request mail-in ballot

o If voter then decides to vote in person, officials will process their name and information

o Notice comes up to judge, “Has a mail ballot”

o Voter fills out cancellation

o Voter may vote in person

o All laptops at all polls talk to each other to ensure no one votes more than once