Environmental Law Enforcement

What We Do

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In keeping with our mission statement, the environmental law enforcement officers’ goal is to always educate, then regulate, and if needed, enforce. When administrative enforcement fails, our environmental law enforcement may be utilized. The primary objective is to coordinate and assist state and local authorities through our focus and training on environmental law, with investigations and enforcement of environmental crimes within Bexar County.

Many of the administrative actions available to Environmental Services also carry criminal penalties in the various State Statutes. Often, civil action cannot obtain (in a timely and efficient manner) the results that law enforcement can achieve, especially where prompt action to re-mediate a situation is required.


Typical issues that our environmental law enforcement would respond to include:

  • Illegal Dumping
    • Tires
    • Shingles
    • Garbage
    • Construction Waste
  • Illicit Discharges into Waters of the State
    • Oil
    • Sewage
    • Gas/Diesel
    • Garbage/Debris
  • Floodplain Violations (not associated with current permitted construction)
    • Fill in the Floodplain
    • Disturbing the Floodplain
    • Blocking Drainage


Environmental crimes can range from a Class “C” misdemeanor (only a fine) all the way to felonies (a fine and possible jail time). In most cases Class “C” citations are issued by our Law Enforcement Officers. However, if it becomes necessary, higher classifications of crimes may be filed. Relevant Statutes are in the Health and Safety Code, the Water Code, and the Penal Code, and Court Orders.