Food Service Establishment Health Inspections

Bexar County has contracted licensing and inspection of food service establishments (FSE) located within the unincorporated area of the County to the Environmental Health Group (EHG).

Permit Process

The responsible parties of fixed food establishments, mobile food vendors, child care facilities, schools, adult care centers, or temporary food events must come in person to file an application and pay associated fees.

  1. Environmental Services

    Physical Address
    1948 Probandt St.
    San Antonio, TX 78214

FSE customers will then be contacted by The Environmental Health Group, LLC to set up an appointment to perform the inspection within five (5) days.

Food Service Establishment (FSE) Permit Fees for Unincorporated Bexar County
1‐3 employees  
Annual permit fee to operate a fixed food service establishment (such as a restaurant) in unincorporated Bexar County. 
4‐6 employees
7+ employees

Mobile Food Unit

Annual permit for the food services only per vehicle. (additional inspection by other agencies such as the Bexar County Fire Marshal, or vehicle safety inspection may be required)

The Food Services of child care centers and other group facilities

Annual permit fee for the food services only.  (Other services of these type of establishments are inspected/permitted by other agencies.)
Temporary Food Establishments, Fee Per Stand
This fee is good for a 14 day period only.
Pool Complaint
Administrative fee for handling pool complaint
Mailing Fee (when email is not available)
Administrative fee for mailing permit or other documents
Complaint Inspection Fee
Administrative fee for inspecting and handling complaint

Food Born Illness (FBI) Fee
Plus lab fee
Laboratory and administrative fee for handling a FBI.
Plan Review Fee
Administrative fee per plan review.
Re‐inspection fee
Assessed only if re‐inspection of an FSE is required.
Administrative Penalty
Not to exceed $500.00 per day
Penalty pursuant to Texas Health and Safety Code §437.0185.

Codes Enforced

Bexar County Health Inspections Program follows the rules laid out in the Commissioners’ approved Court Order. The court order specifically refers to the Texas Administrative Code (TAC). The following is a list of various codes which are enforced by the Health Inspections Program:

  • Bexar County Health Inspections Court Order
  • 25 TAC §229.161 – 229.171, 229.173 – 229.175
  • THSC 437

Complaint Process

Should a constituent have a complaint to make against a food service establishment (FSE), they may contact our office. The complaint will be logged, and as much information about the issue as possible will be recorded including:

  • Name of business (FSE) and location (to include mobile vendors)
  • Date & time
  • Did the complainant get sick? Please provide:
    • Which food was consumed?
    • Did they visit a doctor?
    • How long were they sick?
    • What were their symptoms?

After the complaint is logged, a task is created to notify an inspector to visit the establishment. The inspection must be made within 10 days of the complaint. If issues are found, appropriate action is taken by the inspector to bring the restaurant back into compliance. Violations could result in receiving a letter of violation to shutting down the establishment until issues are resolved.