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An exhibit at Bexar Heritage Center titled Welcome to Bexar

All exhibits are designed to engage the visitor with glimpses of Bexar County’s historic treasures and contemporary cultural amenities by being both photogenic portals as well as multilayered, dramatic representations that create an immersive, in-depth, exciting, one-of-a kind orientation to Bexar County and its ascendance to a world class destination and place to live.

Bexar Heritage Center Source of Life exhibit

Free and Open to the Public

Monday – Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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Public entrance is located on the west side of the Bexar County Courthouse on Main Street.

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Group Visitor Guide

  1. Bexar Heritage Center

    Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa Suite 110
    San Antonio, TX 78205


See glimpses of Bexar County’s historic treasures and cultural resources. Experience multimedia portals and in-depth narratives of this world-class destination and World Heritage site.

A stack of old Bexar County archive books


  • Bexar County’s early geographical area and shape and how it became the defined geographical area it is today
  • How Spain’s administrative protocols imprinted itself in the New World through record keeping
  • Bexar County’s thriving economic activity was stimulated by the coming of the railroad in 1877 and as a health destination for its pleasant climate
  • The Story Maps section displays Bexar County's history starting 10,000 years ago and ending in the 1800s
  • The history of the Bexar County Courthouses beginning with the first courthouse – Casa Reales (1700s)

An exhibit at Bexar Heritage Center titled Flood Control and Roads


Bexar County’s level of involvement in our community by funding art and sport venues, community arenas, cultural parks, restoring natural habitats, and innovative flood control measures that makes it the thriving modern day metropolitan region it is today.

Bexar County prides itself for having state-of-the-art facilities. Medical advancements occur at over 70 hospitals, clinics, and research facilities in the Hospital District. Its Criminal Investigation Laboratory is a full service forensic laboratory that provides fee based services to local police, south central and west Texas county police, and international police departments.


  • Welcome to Bexar
  • Conquest & Revolution
  • Texas Independence
  • Bexar Archives
  • World Heritage
  • Lone Star Statehood
  • Heritage Theater
  • Dawn of a New Era
  • Crime Scene Theater
  • Art of Healing
  • County Courthouse
  • Source of Life
  • Cultural Art Centers
  • Community Arenas
  • Fitness & Fun
  • Story Maps
  • Flood Control & Roads

Bexar County’s rich history in South Central Texas is displayed in multimedia exhibits and interpretive panels from its Spanish colonial origins to a thriving modern day metropolitan region.

An old cannon on display at Bexar Heritage Center

An interactive exhibit at Bexar Heritage Center of the Bexar Archives

An interpretation of one of the missions on display at Bexar Heritage Center

A stage with a microphone in front of a mural of celebrities

A display about the Missions featuring a handmade baskets full of vegetables

Old medical supplies in a glass case at Bexar Heritage Center

If you have questions about your visit To Bexar Heritage Center give us a call at 210-335-6688