Bexar County Vote Centers

Bexar County Countywide Voting Centers are coming for the General Election on Election Day Tuesday – November 5, 2019

The Bexar County Elections Department is changing the way voting will take place in Bexar County with new voting equipment and countywide Vote Centers.

The new Vote Centers will allow convenient voting on Election Day no matter where you are in Bexar County.  Bexar County residents can take advantage of any Polling Place and Vote Centers on Election Day wherever you live, work, or go to school.


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  2. Fri Apr. 26

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What are they and how do they work?

Vote Centers are Election Day polling locations where any Bexar County registered voter may vote regardless of what precinct they live in.

  • Vote at your neighborhood precinct location or where you work, shop, or go to school.
  • Experience the convenience of Early Voting on Election Day.

Currently on Election Day, Bexar County voters must vote at their assigned precinct voting location, the goal is to improve access and increase turnout on Election Day.

Why are Voting Centers Better?

Vote Centers are better because they:

  • Increase voter convenience, satisfaction, and accessibility.
  • Continue the same successful style of voting as during the early vote period.
  • Solve the confusion so many voters have about where their assigned election precinct is on Election Day.
  • Reduce the costs of administering an election over time.
  • Increase the efficiency of collecting and counting votes.
  • Allow the Elections Department to monitor and evaluate voter traffic on Election Day and use that to make better choices on how to serve voters.

What can you expect?

The new Vote Centers will be available for Election Day November 5, 2019. All current Election Day and early voting period sites will remain open to eliminate confusion for voters who go to an Early Vote location on Election Day.