Filing Fees

2023 Document Fee Schedule

Document Title
Service Fee
Filing Fee
Amended Debt Claim or Small Claim$85.00N/A
Debt Claim Petition (debt claim petition form)$85.00$54.00
Civil Counter/Cross/3rd Party Petition$85.00$54.00
Distress Warrant$85.00$54.00
Eviction Petition (eviction petition form)$110.00$54.00
Immediate Possession Bond$85.00N/A
Order of Sale Post-Judgment$275.00$5.00
Repair and Remedy Petition (repair and remedy petition form)$85.00$54.00
Small Claim Petition (small claims petition form)$85.00$54.00
Small Counter/Cross/3rd Party Claim$85.00$54.00
Subpoena (subpoena form)$85.00
+ $10 cash
Petition for Occupational Driver’s License (petition for occupational DL form)N/A$54.00
Towing Administrative HearingN/A$54 .00
Application for Order of Retrieval$85.00$54.00
Application for Writ of Re-EntryN/A$54.00
Application for Restoration of Utility ServiceN/A$54.00
Writ of Retrieval$275.00$59.00
Writ of Attachment$275.00$59.00
Writ of Execution*$275.00$5.00
Writ of Garnishment$125.00$54.00
Writ of Possession$275.00$5.00
Writ of Restoration of Utility Service$275.00$54.00
Writ of Re-Entry$275.00$54.00
Writ of Sequestration Post-Judgment$275.00$54.00

“Service Fees” must be multiplied by the number of persons/parties to be served. The above-quoted service fee amount is for service by Bexar County Constables. The cost of service by other agencies may differ.

"Filing Fees" are charged per case filed, not by the number of persons/parties named in the lawsuit or claim.

*Constable's commission on an Execution of Order of Sale: See Constable's Office for information on additional fees such as; Constable Commission on Execution or Order of Sale, plus additional fees for execution of Writs lasting more than 2 hours.

Other Transaction Fees

(No Service Fees Required)

Other TransactionsFee
Abstract of Judgment$5.00
Jury Trial Demand$22.00
Appeal (including transcript)$64.00
Certified Copy - First page$2.00
Certified Copy - Each additional page$0.25
Photo Copy - First page$1.00
Photo Copy - Each additional page$0.25
Motion for New Trial$54.00