Parks & Wildlife

In addition to paying court fines in JP Court: Persons who kill, catch, take, possess, or injure any of the fish or wildlife resources of the state MAY be required to pay a penalty in the court of Jurisdiction where the violation occurred. 

In addition, the State of Texas MAY seek damages through civil litigation for the replacement value of the illegally taken or possessed wildlife resource. This replacement cost is NOT affected by a penalty or other judgment imposed by a court. Notification of civil damages will be by mail. 

In addition, persons MAY be subject to license suspension or revocation. This suspension or revocation is not affected by a penalty or civil damages. Call 800-792-1112 for more Information. (TX P&W code 12D&F) 

Payment or Appearance Instructions

Your case will be filed at the court written on your ticket/citation. Send payment to and/or appear only at that specific court.The fines listed in the Parks & Texas Wildlife Fine Schedule include mandatory court cost. 

If paying by mail, make the personal check, Money Order or Cashier's Check payable to the corrected court precinct and enclose your ticket to ensure proper credit to your case. DO NOT send cash by mail. 

If you have any questions, or if your specific violation is not listed below, call the CORRECT court BEFORE your date.