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San Pedro Creek - The San Pedro Creek Culture Park restoration project consists of four phases and s


The San Pedro Creek Culture Park restoration project consists of four phases and spans 2.2 miles beginning at IH-35 at the flood tunnel inlet at Santa Rosa Street and ending at the confluence of the Alazan and Apache Creeks at IH-35 to the south

Commissioners Court approved $72.3 million for Phase 1.3 and Phase 2 of the project to improve infrastructure, remove part of the creek banks from the floodplain, and improve safety. The revised plan prioritizes natural greenery and trees while limiting concrete hardscaping.

Once fully complete, San Pedro Creek Culture Park is expected to spur a $1.5 billion economic impact by creating

  • 2,100 new housing units
  • 1,428 new downtown employees
  • A 150 percent increase in new property value
  • 7,300 new downtown residents
  • 5,227 million in ad valorem tax revenues


Alameda Theater Conservancy (ATC) hosted an open house on April 8, 2019. Attendees discussed plans for the theater rehabilitation with the ATC and the Alameda Theater design team. Next steps of the project include hiring an executive director, developing community-informed programming, fundraising and ensuring sustained community engagement.


Bexar County committed $2.7 million to establish BiblioTech EDU on the shared campus of FoxTech, CAST Tech and the Advanced Learning Academy. Bibliotech EDU will serve as the campus hub for instruction, research and learning programs for students and their families, with hours for public access from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

Construction timeline and opening date are not yet available.

  1. Capital Projects
  2. Transportation & Infrastructure
  3. Flood Control
Project Name Budget
San Pedro Creek Restoration $235,686,051
Center for Healthcare Services Mental Health Clinic $23,000,000
Alameda Theatre Renovations $12,500,000
Vista Verde Improvements $1,097,049
Forensic Science Center - Emergency Generator Replacement $750,000
Forensic Science Center Improvements - FY 2019 $505,923
BiblioTech Satellite - Las Tiendas de Lerma's $500,000
CAST Tech High School $250,000
Vista Verde Air Intake Design & Upgrade $197,000
Tax Office - Vista Verde Modifications $150,000
Forensic Science Center Monitoring Alarm System $109,000