Cremation Permits

This office can only issue cremation permits on cases where the death occurred in Bexar County. This permit is required by law for all cremations. 

Latest Policy on Cremation permits Issued - Effective January 19, 2021

Due to a marked increase in the number of requests, and in order to continue to expeditiously process such requests, funeral homes will be required to follow the submission guidelines below: 

  • Submit one request per email to 
  • Each email may contain only one request; multiple requests should be made by multiple emails
  • Each request must contain:
    1. A completed ME request form (form can be found on the BCMEO web page) with ALL requested information present 
    2. A pdf of the death certificate worksheet obtained from TxEver showing certification by physician
    3. A pdf of the Report of Death (also obtained from TxEver)

 Failure to follow these guidelines may result in an inability to process the request.

 Should you have any questions about this new procedure,  please call our office at (210)335-4000.

Be sure the death occurred in Bexar County as we cannot issue certificates for out-of-county deaths. Those must be obtained from the Justice of the Peace of that county. 

There is a $25.00 fee for each cremation permit. Most funeral homes have billing privileges which means that we bill them for all their cremations each month. If your funeral home does not have billing privileges, please bring your check, money order, or cash with you when you pick up your cremation permit. We will not email any cremations to funeral homes not on the billing list. We also do not accept prepayments.

All monthly invoices are emailed the first week of each month for the prior month. In order to keep your billing privileges, you must pay your invoice before the next one goes out. If you do not, you may be at risk of losing billing privileges. If this becomes a pattern for any particular funeral home, you could lose your billing privileges permanently.