Court Collections

OUR Vision:

Court Collections interviews defendants and establishes payment plans to increase the overall compliance of payment orders assessed by the Courts.


To enforce and collect all restitutions, fines and court costs ordered through Court by implementing assertive collection techniques with courtesy, professionalism, and respect. 


The Court Collections Services (CCS) division assists defendants through the post-trial process to collect fees and set up payment plans for post-trial fees to include bond fees, drug testing, GPS, and Ignition Interlock. 

CCS aims to increase collections, reduce the number of warrants issued and the associated costs, and to decrease default rates. CCS maximizes the collections of court costs and fines.

PAYMENT QUESTIONS: Contact Danesa Sanchez at 210-335-8406.

Physical Address

207 N. Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207
Hours of Operation: 
Monday and Wednesday, 8am-5pm

Physical Address 
101 Dolorosa, B.10.2
San Antonio, TX 78207
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Wednesday, 8am-5pm


Court Collections Staff:
Name Title Email Phone
Beatrice Marroquin Business Services Manager  210-335-8965
Leticia Martinez Court Collections Manager  210-335-0746
Jacob Rubio Office of Criminal Justice Coordinator  210-335-1526
Danesa Sanchez  Office Assistant III  210-335-8406
Bianca Martinez Collections Specialist 210 335-8410
Maria Gonzalez Collections Specialist  210-335-6147
Sonia Noriega Collections Specialist  210-335-3078
Jennifer Ramon Collections Specialist  210-335-8408
Margaret Verastequi Collections Specialist 210-335-8405
Mary Jane Villarreal Collections Specialist 210-335-8404
Laura Rodriguez Collections Officer 210-335-0702
Jennifer Prouty Collections Officer  210-335-8408