Probate Court 2, Judge Veronica Vasquez

Probate Court 2 Hearings:

The uncontested docket for the probate of wills is heard each Monday at 2:00 PM. A sign-in sheet will be set out at 1:00 PM. 

Intestate administrations and heirship proceedings are heard each Monday at 3:30 PM. Please call 210-335-2678 to obtain a special setting.

Probate Court 2 Documents

  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 123
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Phone: 210-335-2678
    Fax: 210-335-3998

Probate Court 2 Staff Contacts

Position Name Phone Number
Staff Attorney Michelle Casillas 210-335-2647
Administrative Assistant Silvia M. Alvarez 210-335-2678
Auditor Miriam Fernandez 210-335-2244
Auditor Elizabeth Cueto-Vasek 210-335-0491
Court Clerk Genevieve Alvarez 210-335-2670
Court Investigator Francesca Howland Cammack 210-335-2279
Court Reporter Angeliz Rivera 210-335-2466

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