Probate Court 2, Judge Veronica Vasquez

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Notices to Attorneys/Paralegals: 

As of March 1, 2023, setting procedures have changed.  Please read the updated setting procedures for Probate Court No. 2. FIATs and Notices templates can be found under “Forms and Manuals” on this webpage.

Letter from Judge: Updated Setting Procedures

Probate Court 2 Hearings:

All Contested Matters, Temporary Guardianships, Temporary Administrations, TROs, Injunctions, and Pro Se Matters must be set with the Administrative Assistant, Silvia Alvarez at for a hearing. Attorneys, please use this platform to set Probate Court 2 Uncontested matters only. If none of the dockets applies to your application or motion, you must email the Administrative Assistant, Silvia Alvarez.

The public may observe all court proceedings, including those where all participants appear electronically, in our courtroom, Bexar County Probate Court No. 2, 100 Dolorosa, Room 1.23, San Antonio, Texas, 78205. Please note, under specific circumstances, a closed proceeding may be conducted. A daily notice of scheduled court proceedings will be posted outside the courtroom doors.

Probate Court 2 Documents

  1. Physical Address
    100 Dolorosa
    Room 123
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Fax: 210-335-3998


  1. Associate Judge

Judge Carmen SamaniegoJudge Carmen Samaniego

  • Assist with All Uncontested Dockets 
  • Assist with Contested Dockets (As Assigned) 
  • Compliance Docket 
  • Assist Staff Attorneys
  1. Staff Attorneys
  1. Administrative Assistant
  1. Court Investigator
  1. Paralegal
  1. Auditors
  1. Court Reporter
  1. Court Clerk

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