Cash Bond Refunds

Once the defendant in a criminal case in which a cash bond was posted has complied with the conditions of the bond, the bond may be refunded. An order of the court authorizing the refund is required.

Please review the process below for how to properly request a cash bond refund.

Failure to properly complete the items below will delay the processing and return of the cash bond. All cash bond refunds, less any applicable administrative fee, will normally be released within fifteen (15) business days.

Our office can provide a list of all funds resulting from cash bond deposits, condemnation, civil, and probate proceedings. If you would like a list, please submit an open records request to 210-335-2106.

Refund of a Cash Bond Process

Review the process of requesting a refund of a cash bond below by clicking on each tab. To ensure that your refund request can be completed in a timely manner, ensure that all information is provided completely and correctly.


If you have any questions regarding forms or process please contact the Bookkeeping Department of the Bexar County Clerk’s Office by phone.

The Bookkeeping Department can provide assistance for any of the following:

  • You do not have your original cash bond receipt.
  • You would like your cash bond refund mailed.
  • You do not reside in Bexar County.
  • You would like to assign your cash bond refund to someone else.
  • You need an "Affidavit to Request Cash Bond”.
  • There are errors on your cash bond receipt.

For information on all other registry refund checks, visit the "Withdrawing Court Registry Funds" page.

Cash Bond Refund Documents

  1. Physical Address
    Bexar County Courthouse
    100 Dolorosa, Basement
    San Antonio, TX 78205

    Alternate Phone: 210-335-1246

  1. Cash Bond Receipt
  2. Order to Refund
  3. Submitting the Request
  4. Receiving the Refund

Cash Bond Receipt

Original Cash Bond Receipt

The original Cash Bond receipt is a white 4x7 inch receipt.

Missing Cash Bond Receipt

If you cannot locate your receipt, you will need an "Affidavit To Request Cash Bond Refund" to obtain a the refund.

Select the correct affidavit based on when the cash bond was executed:

For cash bonds executed before September 1, 2011 (prior to H.B. 1658), any cash funds deposited shall be receipted by the officer and be refunded to the defendant.

For cash bonds executed after August 31, 2011, the person designated to receive the refund must be the person who deposited the money with the Sheriff’s Office and whose name appears on the receipt provided by the Sheriff’s Office.