Assumed Business Name/Doing Business As

Filing Process

Certificates for Unincorporated Business Assumed Names (also referred to as "Doing Business As" (DBA)), can be filed with the Bexar County Clerk at the Assumed Name/DBA office, located at 101 W. Nueva, Ste. 120.

Before filing for an Assumed Name, please review the process below and ensure that your Certificate form is filled out completely and correctly. Instructions for the Assumed Name Certificate may also be downloaded.

STEP 1 : Check Name Availability

Before filing, determine if the desired Assumed Name is available and not being used by another business. To do so, conduct a search using the County Clerk’s Official Records Search online or have a member of our staff conduct a search for you in the Assumed Name/DBA office.

STEP 2: Form Completion

If the desired name is available, then the appropriate Assumed Name Certificate may be filled out, notarized or acknowledged, and submitted to the County Clerk’s Assumed Name/DBA office along with the fee.

Assumed Name Certificates may be acknowledged by a deputy in the County Clerk’s Office for a fee of $1.00 or notarized by a notary public of choice. The certificate must be either notarized or acknowledged before they can be filed with the County Clerk’s office.

Each business partner must sign the Assumed Name Certificate before the notary in order for the certificate to be filed with the County Clerk’s office.

Applicants may file for multiple Assumed Names as long as an Assumed Name Certificate has been completed for each desired name.

To print and fill out your Assumed Name Application you can visit

STEP 3: Form Submission

Either Assumed Name certificate may be downloaded and printed to be mailed after being notarized or acknowledged with the appropriate fee, submitted and paid in person at the Assumed Name/DBA office, or submitted online to be completed and paid for in person at the Assumed Name/DBA office. Online submissions are available for five (5) days after submission.

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Records on the Run

If you would like to avoid a trip to the courthouse or the need to pay for parking, visit our mobile unit “Records on the Run”. Click on the logo for information.

Fee Schedule

  • Assumed Name Certificate
    • $14.00 for one owner
    • $0.50 for each additional owner
  • Copies of Assumed Name Certificates
    • Plain copy: $2.00
    • Certified copy: $7.00

Fees for filing an Assumed Name Certificate can be paid by credit card, check or money order made payable to Lucy Adame-Clark Bexar County Clerk.

Fees for copies of Assumed Name Certificates can be paid by cash, check or credit card (American Express currently not accepted).

Temporary checks not accepted. 

Additional Assumed Name Information

Assumed Name Abandonment

If you are no longer conducting business under an existing assumed name, you may file a Notice of Abandonment of Assumed Name Certificate.

Executing Assumed Name Certificates

Assumed Name Certificates must be executed by an officer, general partner, member, manager, or attorney-in-fact.

If an Assumed Name Certificate is executed by an attorney-in-fact, it must include a statement that the attorney has been authorized in writing by the attorneys principal to execute the certificate. (Texas Business & Comm. Code 71.104)

Changing Assumed Name Certificates

Assumed Name Certificates cannot be amended if there is incorrect information on the certificate, so please ensure all information is correct when submitting the Certificate.

If the information on the certificate changes becoming materially misleading, then the law requires an Assumed Name registrant to file a new Assumed Name Certificate. (Texas Business & Comm. Code 71.152)

Additional Business Information & Resources

Business Licenses

Assumed Name Certificates are not business licenses. In order to determine if a business license is required, contact the City of San Antonio.

The Launch SA Business Center - Main Center Library
600 Soledad Ave

Limited Liability Company/Incorporation/LLC

To create an Incorporation, Limited Liability Company LLC you need to contact the Secretary of State at or call 512-463-5555

Conducting Business Resources

Resources that may be helpful are listed below.

The Launch SA Business Center - Main Center Library
600 Soledad Ave

Certificate of Occupancy/Building Inspections
1901 S. Alamo St. First Floor (Central Records Office)

City of San Antonio Vendors/Peddlers License/Gaming Device Decals
111 Soledad (Fourth Floor)

Commercial parking permit
400 N. St Mary’s Ste.100

Internal Revenue Service
E.I.N # or Tax #
8626 Tesoro Dr
210-840-2090 or 800-829-1040

Texas State Comptrollers of Public Accounts
10010 San Pedro Ste. 410

Small Business and Entrepreneurship Department
203 W. Nueva, 1st Floor

Trademark & Patent

Secretary of State